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handle for suction DT 0-72
Dental 2-assistant control box DT 0-67
drainage kit for sputum basin DT 0-60
Dental 4-way adaptor DT 0-59
Dental cuspidor cover DT 0-58
Dentalconnector for tool tray DT 0-57
Dental left-shape rotatable plate Dt 0-56
Dental cover DT 0-54
Dental pillow cover DT 0-53
Dental box DT 0-52
Dental Ground Box DT 0-50
Cover DT 0-48
Dental balance arm DT0-43
Dental round balance arm DT 0-42
Dental pillow support DT 0-40
Dental column DT 0-39
Dental lamp arm DT 0-38
Dental lamp arm DT 0-37
Dental lamp arm DT 0-36
Dental Tissue box DT 5-59
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